Khanquer Marketing

To create, grow and expand!

How We Work

Khanquer Marketing will revolutionize the business that you have or the one you want to begin! Our unique marketing way of helping your business achieve what you would like, consists of the following...

Social media,

  • Twitter
  • Fcaebook
  • Instagram
  • Google +

Specialized client follow up


suggested discounts and coupons,

Better advertisements,

And much more!

We have worked with musical artists, Solo projects, clothing lines, mechanics, small food and beverage owners, major companies such as, Sears Vacations, Los Angeles Times, Primerica,

Door King, Appco and many more!

Here are our package plans available to help you start growing your business! 

We have 5 plans available, where payment can be paid through Zelle, which is the fastest and easier form of payment since not everyone is in L.A. and time is our biggest enemy.

1. (IQS) Intermediate Quick Start package $100.00
2. Get Going package $325.00
3. Make It Work package $450.00
4. The Time Is Now package $750.00
5. Ready for War package $1,500.00

Email us now to get further details, and we will get started immediately .

It is our mission and goal to make sure our client is 100% completely satisfied with our services. We have many ways to put together a strategic way of how to go about what it is that you want! 

We will set up a meeting to meet with you and discuss the pros and cons, the ins and outs of everything that you have tried or are doing and how it can still benefit you, along with the way we will help you! We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied and we will begin to work on your project immediately!